Wednesday, June 18, 2003

In the name of Religion ...

Every summer my excommunicated sister in law ( she married a Hindu !!) comes to spend the vacations with us. Her little daughter Eisha sometimes gets to meet the 'other' side of her family as well. Like a few days ago Urfi was here with Farhina and their kids. Aimen who must now be 11 years wanted to know if Eisha was their cousin. No one knew what to say. It raised a lot of unsettling thoughts in everyone's minds. Aimen did not get her answer.

I like Urfi but I do not like some of his thoughts. I wish I did not get to encounter these thoughts but unfortunately he thinks them the most. I Went to meet him last night...and as usual he got back to those thoughts about his interpretation of Islam. About how a meaningless conversion of her father would have made Eisha a cousin to Aimen. And how he wished their childen would never meet Eisha so that Aimen would never ask questions that have no answers.

I am angry but I sadly realise that I don't like some of my thoughts either. I close my mind to religious discussions. Everything Islam is not relevant. I know I am reacting to the bigotry of individuals and their one eyed thoughts. I know there must be beauty and truth in Islam like there is in every religion in this world. But I guess its more comfortable to close my eyes and yawn.