Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5 years without fuss !

Rayyan's birthdays take me to my own childhood when birthdays were so simple and unassuming.

Only the samosas and jalebis are now replaced with Choco Pie and French Fries and of course there were no return gifts back then.

This year I set up the inflatable pool in the backyard and put up some yellow balloons. Ruhi enthusiastically invited the smaller kids from the park with a request to get along their towels and swim suits and an emphatic "please don't come if you have a running nose !"

Rayyan had a blast and that is all I had hoped for :)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My budding Little Artist !

When Rayyan runs out of paper, walls, magazines and books, he finds more surfaces for his graffiti. Like my leg for example !

Rayyan's figures have pointed angular heads and a lot of small details. Ruhi is very jealous of his talent and threw a fit the other day, sobbing uncontrollably about " why he can draw so well ! "

I am just another doting mother but I really think his drawings are very 'Souza'ish and I have been scheming to to take him to the Souza exhibition.

That should surely bring on the worst Ruhi tantrum that I may have seen till date :)