Thursday, October 09, 2008

I obsess !

Balvinder my blogging friend, who for some reason gives me the odd feeling of familiarity beyond the realm of logic has tagged me to share with you 5 addictions of mine. So here goes : Marijuana, Animal Sex, Alcohol, Shoplifting & Pedophilia. Why am I being morbidly insane ? Dunno. I want to put off certain readers of inappropriate age and intelligence who I know read my blog. I want the damn pressure off my mind to be politically correct. A friend casually said I belonged to politically correct, culturally correct, morally correct kind of a society ( or something to that effect). I was stunned. That's so correct. That's what I spend 99% of my life doing. But nope, this isn't part of that script. Whatever.

Addiction one : the absolutely uncontrollable urge to always, always, always tidy up. Today on the dinner table I noticed I was constantly placing the three serving dishes in a straight line on the runner. What's odd ? Well, this was after anyone moved the dish slightly to help themselves. It was in between every morsel that I ate. I think it can be insanely irritating for anyone else on that table. But my husband has resigned to this one. My friend Richa threatens to murder me if I don't stop tidying up the bedcover each time anyone turns on their bum. I keep tidying up the house till well after everyone is asleep. When there is nothing left to tidy up, I open up the shoe rack, the toys, the 'raddi' newspapers. Just anything. I also keep getting the feeling that the house is getting devoured by the stuff in it. I feel we need to immediately empty up the stuff or else we will get buried under it. I regularly keep giving away stuff. Sometimes I give away my husband's urgent important stuff in the mad rush to clear up.

Addiction 2 : Sometime ago when they were launched, I went on a binge on Bingo Chips. Day in and day out I'd munch away those packet non stop. I get maniacally addicted to food stuff for periods of time and while these addictive bursts last, I go over the top and higher on it. Before Bingo Chips it was ' Amla' then Popcorn, before Popcorn it was a particular brand of, mouth freshener. What is worse is that I have now also started forgetting whatever it was that I was stuffing myself with. My brother in law was visiting us last month and he asked me about 'Peppy' Cheese balls. I thought he'd lost it so he explained that a few years ago when he was visiting I was stuffing myself endlessly with Peppy's. Seems like he bought me some packets too.

Addiction 3 : The Internet. And more specifically google on the internet. This one is serious like all the others. Jaadu hai, nasha hai etc. Its a virus that's spread all over and I know I am not alone and that makes me accept this one comfortably.

Addiction 4 : Clothes, clothes, more clothes. I love clothes more than any other indulgence. So I must have more and more for everyone - my kids, the husband, the maid whoever. I obsess over my clothes, I spend a lifetime planning what to wear at weddings, birthday parties, funerals even meetings. And I love that bit of opening my wardrobe and rummaging through piles and piles of clothes, deciding what to wear. I suspect I sound crazy but I find it ever so creative to put together an outfit. You'd probably think I am the world's most natty dresser but its exactly the opposite. I am a hippie most of the time except for when there is an invitation !! LOL. So much so that an year ago my father in law sat me down for a serious chat. He said I dress down all the time and that I have no style. The grand old man is 90 years old and he has much for me to look up to him so this goes. He said if I continue dressing so eclectically, it may be considered 'too young' ! Maybe. But who cares !!!

Addiction 5 : Ruhi my 6 year old first born. She occupies all of my waking thoughts. She saps me of all my energies, sucks my soul, often makes me wish I was dead but I am obsessively, compulsively involved with her. I am just another fond and indulgent mother to Rayyan, so I know the thing with Ruhi is an obsession. I suspect this OCD has given me high blood pressure. A few years later I fear it will also give me heart disease.

As per the rules, I got to tag 5 people. I know sometimes, one doesn't really want to be thrust upon with the tag so here is my list, who may please choose to ignore the tag if they feel like :). Though it would be fun if they went along:

Multimenon Interesting to know what a 19 year old obsesses about !
Solitaire Would love to know the 'psycho-angle' !!
Mystic Margarita Just! Love her flair..
MM Even though I know 59 other folk would have already tagged her to do this ! My vote too !

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Caterpillar to the Butterfly !

Ruhi, over these magical years of my life, on the brink of her 7th birthday next month !