Friday, May 25, 2007

My doing !

Ruhi loves to doll up - maybe something to do with the fact that I keep telling her that she looks like a doll and perhaps she actually believes it ! Come think of it my mom always said i looked like a scarecrow and I grew up severely complexed about my skinny built so maybe it does work. But its getting completely out of hand with Ruhi and this morning we had a loud argument over her refusing to wear the cute little sensible sundress that I took out for her. Ultimately I gave up, stomped off and told her she was badly behaved. She came running after me, tears streaming down her face saying 'please hug me, please hug me' and clung to me while I thought I had been unnecessarily harsh. I hugged her tight and she immediately transformed into her same self of ten minutes ago and said she hates the clothes I chose for her maybe she could think of wearing that dress if I took her out for a movie on Sunday !!!!!! Then she went away and came back wearing a vest and a pair of printed shorts that were too large or her. She had tied them up on her waist with a ribbon, her long hair all open and all over her tiny face. She said she was dressed up for the morning and needed to borrow lipgloss from me ! I felt like i was going to have a nervous breakdown so I called Wasi and said if he could take her away since I couldn't take it. He loves it when he can play 'saviour' to his daughter so he came promptly and one look at her and he went 'Cant you atleast even dress her up properly ?' . She is 5 years old and I do not know if I could have done any better in bringing her up. I think its a preview of the times to come and that at the end of the day we all blame our mothers !