Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I will be the one who loves you, till the end of time.

Little Rayyan playing 'Mommy' to his grown up 'baby' sister !

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Week that was !

Indians, Punjabis, Muslims, Sikhs and thank you Happy Singh ! 
I walked into a fierce argument between the maid and Ruhi over the weekend. I found that Ruhi had called Kirti didi, "an Indian".  
Kirti told her, "Everybody is Indian".
Ruhi replied " I am not Indian, I am Muslim". 
Kirti said " You are also Indian" and the fight began.                  
I calmed Ruhi down and told her that Kirti Didi was right and explained how we live in a country called India so we all are Indians.                          
She kicked a fuss about it, said India was the name of a country. Just because we live in Saket, we should become Saketians ? etc. I was dumbfounded, my mind was on earth did she know about being a muslim ? Who told her ? Did they explain it properly ? Why was she not curious about it?.                      
I decided to change the topic for the moment and look for a neutral ground to start it again.
Later, I found a quiet moment in the car as we traveled to her friend's house in Noida. 
I drew a map and explained to her the concept of countries and states. I put a dot each for Delhi, Bombay and for Goa. She was excited and wanted to know where Shimla was ! 
Then I  drew weird shapes to tell her where Punjab was and where UP was. I told her my parents were born in Punjab and Baba's parents were born in UP. That my parents were not just Punjabis but also Sikhs as they like to go to the Gurudwara, to keep their hair long and wear a turban and they are brave and happy people just like she has seen in the movie 'Singh is King'. 
She laughed at that. 
Then I said baba's parents were not just UPites but also Muslims which means they like to read Namaaz, eat Kebabs and wear nice clothes like Shararas, Ghararas, Sherwanis and that they are soft spoken, kind people who love art and culture. She wanted to know what culture meant. I simplified, "drama, art, dance" ( yeah right !) . 
I said I love to be Sikh and Baba loves to be Muslim. And we like each other's qualities so we got married and had kids. And so our children are half Muslim and half Sikh. 
So that makes you soft spoken, well dressed, talented, brave and a bit mad like Happy Singh. But over and above that we are all Indians like you are in class 2-A and Rayyan in Nursery-A but you both belong to the same XYZ School. 
She looked mighty pleased with that, giggled a lot and did a cartwheel from the seat to land in the boot of the jeep. 
Phew ! 
So there we are at the moment. I know it my bones that there will be many more questions to come. But I guess, I will cross the bridge when I come to it. 
Till then - Amen. 

The English language, Rayyan & Sunglasses.

We had gone shopping for a pair of summer sandals for Rayyan a couple of days ago and they sold both kids the most cheesy looking sunglasses.
While I was paying for the sandals, a sales man walked upto Ruhi and whispered in hindi " Check out the new Katrina Kaif Sunglasses "! They both tottered away to the CatMoss sunglasses corner and got some ! 
Rayyan wore his through the evening till he fell asleep at night. Ruhi woke up the next morning and announced that the light in the bathroom was hurting her eyes. She brushed her teeth with sunglasses on ! 

When Rayyan opened his sleepy eyes he asked : My sunglasses ????
I said : You can wear them to to school today.
Rayyan : When is Today ?
Me : What kind of a question is that ? TODAY is TODAY. AAJ.
Rayyan : OH OK