Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I will be the one who loves you, till the end of time.

Little Rayyan playing 'Mommy' to his grown up 'baby' sister !


Munchkin said...


Mampi said...

oh my god , this is sweet. MY daughter does that many-a-time.

Harshika said...

Hi There,

Meant to thank you much earlier but am in the throes of being new mummy....anyhoo, thanks for your kind words and visiting my blog...I do visit your blog often btw... infact almost since a year now...and admire your views on religion esp, i am a product of mixed marriage too, mom christian and dad a hindu...feel connected to your kids somehow! :)


Balvinder Singh said...

Just too cute. God bless the sweet little ones.

Rohini said...

Cute :)