Thursday, October 09, 2008

I obsess !

Balvinder my blogging friend, who for some reason gives me the odd feeling of familiarity beyond the realm of logic has tagged me to share with you 5 addictions of mine. So here goes : Marijuana, Animal Sex, Alcohol, Shoplifting & Pedophilia. Why am I being morbidly insane ? Dunno. I want to put off certain readers of inappropriate age and intelligence who I know read my blog. I want the damn pressure off my mind to be politically correct. A friend casually said I belonged to politically correct, culturally correct, morally correct kind of a society ( or something to that effect). I was stunned. That's so correct. That's what I spend 99% of my life doing. But nope, this isn't part of that script. Whatever.

Addiction one : the absolutely uncontrollable urge to always, always, always tidy up. Today on the dinner table I noticed I was constantly placing the three serving dishes in a straight line on the runner. What's odd ? Well, this was after anyone moved the dish slightly to help themselves. It was in between every morsel that I ate. I think it can be insanely irritating for anyone else on that table. But my husband has resigned to this one. My friend Richa threatens to murder me if I don't stop tidying up the bedcover each time anyone turns on their bum. I keep tidying up the house till well after everyone is asleep. When there is nothing left to tidy up, I open up the shoe rack, the toys, the 'raddi' newspapers. Just anything. I also keep getting the feeling that the house is getting devoured by the stuff in it. I feel we need to immediately empty up the stuff or else we will get buried under it. I regularly keep giving away stuff. Sometimes I give away my husband's urgent important stuff in the mad rush to clear up.

Addiction 2 : Sometime ago when they were launched, I went on a binge on Bingo Chips. Day in and day out I'd munch away those packet non stop. I get maniacally addicted to food stuff for periods of time and while these addictive bursts last, I go over the top and higher on it. Before Bingo Chips it was ' Amla' then Popcorn, before Popcorn it was a particular brand of, mouth freshener. What is worse is that I have now also started forgetting whatever it was that I was stuffing myself with. My brother in law was visiting us last month and he asked me about 'Peppy' Cheese balls. I thought he'd lost it so he explained that a few years ago when he was visiting I was stuffing myself endlessly with Peppy's. Seems like he bought me some packets too.

Addiction 3 : The Internet. And more specifically google on the internet. This one is serious like all the others. Jaadu hai, nasha hai etc. Its a virus that's spread all over and I know I am not alone and that makes me accept this one comfortably.

Addiction 4 : Clothes, clothes, more clothes. I love clothes more than any other indulgence. So I must have more and more for everyone - my kids, the husband, the maid whoever. I obsess over my clothes, I spend a lifetime planning what to wear at weddings, birthday parties, funerals even meetings. And I love that bit of opening my wardrobe and rummaging through piles and piles of clothes, deciding what to wear. I suspect I sound crazy but I find it ever so creative to put together an outfit. You'd probably think I am the world's most natty dresser but its exactly the opposite. I am a hippie most of the time except for when there is an invitation !! LOL. So much so that an year ago my father in law sat me down for a serious chat. He said I dress down all the time and that I have no style. The grand old man is 90 years old and he has much for me to look up to him so this goes. He said if I continue dressing so eclectically, it may be considered 'too young' ! Maybe. But who cares !!!

Addiction 5 : Ruhi my 6 year old first born. She occupies all of my waking thoughts. She saps me of all my energies, sucks my soul, often makes me wish I was dead but I am obsessively, compulsively involved with her. I am just another fond and indulgent mother to Rayyan, so I know the thing with Ruhi is an obsession. I suspect this OCD has given me high blood pressure. A few years later I fear it will also give me heart disease.

As per the rules, I got to tag 5 people. I know sometimes, one doesn't really want to be thrust upon with the tag so here is my list, who may please choose to ignore the tag if they feel like :). Though it would be fun if they went along:

Multimenon Interesting to know what a 19 year old obsesses about !
Solitaire Would love to know the 'psycho-angle' !!
Mystic Margarita Just! Love her flair..
MM Even though I know 59 other folk would have already tagged her to do this ! My vote too !


Mampi said...

Great read-as ever. And I am glad I am the first one to come here to read you and comment. See how devoted I am?
Loved reading about your addictions. The one about clothes is mine too, my mom in law is upset over my weird combinations that I make with my kameezes and salwars. She finds them "gharib jehey combos", hehehe.
Almost all moms have that OCD about their first borns. You are not alone, but I assure u that these first borns love that too.

Solitaire said...

Waah waah!! Would love to do this one. Will probably put it up on Warm Fuzzies. Meanwhile I just put a new post up there. So will wait a few days ok?

OCD, eh?

sansmerci said...

forgettin the addictions, what u said in ur intro para caught my attention.. so very true.. i have this pressure to write for my readers nwodays.. used to b a freakin frank and open and (uncut) version of my thoughts b4.. i dono but i can subconsciously feel the pressure tho m tryin to b myself!

Balvinder Singh said...

Gurpreet, that's great. I mean firstly introducing me -- "odd feeling of familiarity beyond the realm of logic"-- I love your choice of words,

secondly a 'closed book' opening up a bit more in her second profile pic,

And lastly your politically correct obsessions.

edita krishnan said...

interesting addiction...when there are two kids there is always one who is the addiction eh?love ur blog and your style:)

phoenixritu said...

LOLLL on the politically correct world we live in. I just like to push it - its such fun.

Go easy on your little girl. Give her space or she might rebel - just saying ......

How do we know said...

Oh, i liked the first list better ;-)
u write very well!! But i loved what u have written abt ur profile the most.

How do we know said...

Oh, i liked the first list better ;-)
u write very well!! But i loved what u have written abt ur profile the most.

Agnes said...

LOL pot, pedophilia, etc.

I always wanted to meet someone whose obsession is to tidy up other people's places, such as mine.

MultiMenon said...

hehe.looks lyk u haven given ma blog a read as yet..was off with those sick exams till a few minutes ago..jus back now..thnks a ton for tagging me,tho i got a few ones pending,ll take it up in a few days for sure..thnks again.. :)

MultiMenon said...

das a very interestin list of things..I ll put u and amma inside a real messy place and am sure botha u ll luuurrrvvv it.. :)

SUR NOTES said...

hey thanks for dropping by my blog with your precious comment-

dressed like ravan- now that is a cool compliment. hope mine comes up with such stuff too- after she recovers from the act of burning him.

edita krishnan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
edita krishnan said...

did the tag:)
welcome to read it!

Jagjit said...

Have read this tag many times. But the replies were never as original as this. Esp the tidy-up part! nice blog too :)

noshtradamus said...

Fascinating. You are - 1) My Mother, 2) My Son, 3) Me, 4) Paris Hilton and 5) Me again - all rolled into one with your addictions.

Kewl. And refreshing as someone above said.

As for turning off the certain readers? With the abovelisted "sweet" addictions being a part of you - I think they're now here to stay!

roop said...

loved reading. as usual, u write really well. :)

Anonymous said...

why not:)

Inexplicably said...

Hey Anonymous, thanks for visiting. No one comes here anymore.