Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My budding Little Artist !

When Rayyan runs out of paper, walls, magazines and books, he finds more surfaces for his graffiti. Like my leg for example !

Rayyan's figures have pointed angular heads and a lot of small details. Ruhi is very jealous of his talent and threw a fit the other day, sobbing uncontrollably about " why he can draw so well ! "

I am just another doting mother but I really think his drawings are very 'Souza'ish and I have been scheming to to take him to the Souza exhibition.

That should surely bring on the worst Ruhi tantrum that I may have seen till date :)


Spirited Seeker said...

I can't see the pictures for some reason!

Inexplicably said...

Fixed it now ! Thanks for visiting :)

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