Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wordmasters Challenge !

October1, 2006 : I am never lucky ! I mean if I have never won a lottery, never been selected out of a group if the choice was random etc etc....but i am also a die hard optimist. So when a few days ago I heard that Google was going to have a writing competetion and only the first 300 who apply could participate I jumped off the bed, logged on and BINGO ! I was selected to participate and this morning I went and sat through the essay writing competetion at Gandhi memorial hall at ITO. As usual I was running late and I knew that Ruhi and the folks were on their way back home from Faridabad. They had all been gone for 3 days and it was like heaven. slow, peaceful and very nice.

However I missed Ruhi but I also knew that if she landed up just when I was leaving I could forget making it to the place at all. And predictably enough, she landed up just as I was stepping out and that oh so familiar chaos descended.

Ruhi threw a tantrum right on the road and I had no option but to quickly pack her off to a friend's house with Ruby the maid. I had no idea who this friend was but Ruhi looked appropriately distracted and Ruby ran away eagerly with Ruhi perched in front of her chest with her legs akimbo.

Simultaneously, I also started screaming at W standing in the middle of the road with atleast 4 drivers as audience. I dont know why I was angry but I know it started when he commented that I was dressed like a tramp and I started yelling incoherent stuff and asking him and his family to take a collective ride ( no clue what that meant ) but it sounded angry enough. The driver got completely psyched and I felt very bad at my behaviour, but I could justify it so I shed a few tears of helplessness and even before I was composed we had arrived at the Wordmasters Venue.

There was a huge crowd and it certainly looked like much more than 300 people! They were of all kinds -oldies, important looking ladies, south Indians, housewives ( they looked it ), students, tramps ( me? ) name it.

I was told that my code was 189 and as is so usual with me, I got to sit on the second last seat of the very last row in the hall. After which a woman who spoke strange English explained the competetion and invited a white guy to do some sales talk about google. It all looked like a very large scale recruitment drive and the white man went on to make a presentation on google. God bless google. The test was a choice of 2 sets of random words out of which one had to write a hopefuly coherent essay ! I think I did fine ! The results will be out end of the month and I think I am going to win !!!! ha

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