Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Everyone can sing God, why can't I ??

I think I should soon be planning to rename my Blog - Mehfil Diary ! So we had another one last Saturday. I supposedly put it it together for someone who I didn't know from Adam but have been bantering with on Ryze for many months now. Hanu Singh ! Wasi was a bit shocked when I informed him that I was planning another late night with the same folks ! He thinks I am having a mid life crisis and it helped to agree with him. Actually I was looking forward to a quieter evening than last, and some good wine ! But some things are not to be !

Escaping Ruhi in the evenings is an impossibility but this time around I was more prepared. Some pillows under a blanket, the night lamp on and the door just a bit open did the trick ! She was playing in her room when I left and I am told that she peeped in a few times and it satisfied her immensely that I was confined to bed and in her absolute captivity for the evening ! En route I picked up a' gainde ka garland' and while I sat outside Anu's house in the car digging out CDs of raunchy hindi songs I thought a chowkidar knocked on the window since of course I was blocking the damn road! I think I jumped out to discover a rather dapper looking chowkidar wearing a funky blue Fab India table cloth for a shirt ! I am glad i noticed the pretty thing ( Smita) with him fast enough to know that this was Hanu!

My 'gainde ke garland' was just in time and Kunal did the honors.

Originally uploaded by Inexplicably.

Originally uploaded by Inexplicably.

I met Vikas Sahay my Ryze best buddy in the midst of all this action - very unlike what I had always thought he would be. Quieter, more his own person than I thought he would be ! Anu has a cute little pad that opens out to a small narrow backyard where she had put some candles and created the perfect setting for some romantic singing ! Besides other familiar faces, met some new people - Akshay Mehta, who looks so completely different from that guy at Tussauds on his page ! , Bhuvnesh Kalra - Mr Pilot, Jatin Madan - very slapstick, very me!, Sanjay, Anu's flat mate with short hair and dimples !, Shubra the girl with big eyes and a nose ring !, Mridula....

Ankur was supposed to be getting the wine I wanted but he forgot !! That was really dampening but Ishan that darling boy got 'bam bhole' and Kunal sneaked me out where this guy had rolled something as big as a chana garam packet and was furiously puffing away ! I tried to help myself but that contraption was rather tragic and Hanu the master of vices was called to help! I lost track after that and I wonder if he helped !

Here are both the Ryze 'kidos', living it up!

Jatin Ka Bum, Bahut Kam!
Originally uploaded by Inexplicably.

The singing started with Ritu and Venkat and later joined by Smita, Shashi, Vijay and even Kunal who sang punjabi folk ! The usual Bakra, Ishan did some chest thrusting for Hanu ! He always very sportingly stands in the middle of the group almost seeming that he will shake ! But most of his moments of glory are spent smiling coyly at everyone and suddenly you spot a small spasm in his upper body !

Sonali in a pretty pink blouse with ruffles was happy and high and while she wasn't pinching bottoms of women, she was measuring other 'bums' around !

Jatin Ka Bum, Bahut Kam!
Originally uploaded by Inexplicably.

While Ishan Dubey was as usual the great sport for all ragging and what-you-want ! The other Dubey - Richa, sat glued to her chair posing for Venkat who was quite taken in by her 'ethnic face' ! She also kept giggling and smiling and looking generally happy till she ended up being sick ! And while she was being sick, fag in the end Vikas also sang...baat nikelegi to bahut dur talak jaygi ! He sings so well ! Everyone can sing God, why can't I ? Good question.....

Some random things I remember ...that Amrit had come and left early and I couldnt meet her !...Venkat got kheer and kebabs all the way from Lucknow...Vijay remained so behind the scenes yet was always there to help me so dexterously whenever I needed to ask anything...that I dont know the name of atleast one guy in the khaki cream Kurta at the party.......that I also broke one of the many glasses that broke that night.....that I thought Anu and I share a common hobby of collecting shoes - I saw so many !......that I missed Ashwath's flute.....


Eastman said...

I thought no one noticed that I sang since no one else thought of mentioning it really on any thread. I especially like the bit about the best friend (aansoo nikal aaye mere)

The Mad Momma said...

oh what fun.. i really should get back to ryzing...

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