Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mommy musings again...

Have I actually evolved into a 'Mommy Blogger' ? Or is there nothing else left in life to talk about ? Hmmm food for thought ! Anyway, this morning I was frantically rummaging through my wardrobe looking for a pair of Salwar Kameez to wear to work since I had a morning meeting of the formal kinds. Over the years my attempts at the Salwar Kameez have evolved into a Kurta over jeans kitsch since it became too much of a pain to get the 3 piece act together ! I live in jeans and now very happily so. Every now and then when my in laws come visiting, subtle hints are dropped that I should perhaps keep a few Salwar Kameez Dupatta sets ready for contingencies like conservative relatives visiting from the wrong side of the country, religious ceremonies, festivals, mourning ceremonies...etc. Anyways coming back to the point I was wearing a maroon tunic and a black dupatta and I couldn't find the damn churidar. Ruhi as usual was lying down on the bed reflectively analyzing every action of mine and I thought she could perhaps be contemplating the best tantrum to throw just as I would step out of the door to leave for work ! I finally found a pair of black palazzo pants and was jumping into them when she screamed " Mama you look like Shit". I was shocked beyond words and I asked her why would she say that. It wasn't as much the shock of her using the forbidden word but the realisation that now she even had an opinion about what I wear !! She said it was too hot for me to be wearing black ! I stood there in complete awe of her and then I sheepishly pulled out a pair of jeans with a white shirt and asked her if that was OK. She nodded vehemently in consent then she said my hair looked "Evil" but I couldn't be evil because I was too nice to be evil. At this point I reminded her about some ice-cream cake in the fridge and she vanished...hmmm


the mad momma said...

LOL!! Aw come on . I cant imagine you looking like shit under any circumstances!

Anonymous said...

*Gosh* Ruhi is turning out to be a wonderful girl !!


- dharma