Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No one reads my blog..

A friend called to say that he thinks no one reads my blog. I thought that was very reassuring, only until I realized that he was laughing at me !!

It also confirms my doubt that most people feel that blogs are written to an 'audience'.

I read an article on blogging in the times of India that said that 'if one cant be candid, urgent, timely, pithy, controversial or utilitarian then one cant be a blogger'. I kept wondering...of course I am candid, maybe controversial but urgent, utilitarian, timely and pithy ?! What the hell is pithy anyway! But I am so so glad that I don't write for anyone but myself, so there !

What hypocricy though, since the above is actually addressed to the 'friend' in some way !!This 'Friend' ( obviosuly i cannot name him on the big bad world wide etc) is the most private human being that I know. I doubt he even has an e mail id. If anyone ever asked him his name, he would want to know their objective in knowing his name ! He will not look into the eye of a person he does not feel like getting acquainted with. ...and not so many years ago he opened the window to the world of internet for me. He would be huddled in front of the monitor with a million browser windows open downloading the universe from the net ! I would watch in fascination - he was almost like a scientist. From there on I got hooked on to the net in its early days in India and then I went berserk.

He is still there with a million browser windows, peeping into everyone's world and i wonder if his brain can take any more information that he has already downloaded in it ! But he won't ever be seen on the net - not even through a mail id. I also read recently that a woman deleted every single e mail that she had received to get rid of the e mail pressure. And that people are now observing 'internet free' days. I am beginning to understand that feeling. I myself observed an 'internet free' evening yesterday. Is it just coincidence that I woke up with a headache this morning ?! Hmmm


the mad momma said...

I would be very happy if less ppl read my blog. too many ppl reading makes it hard to stay honest...

pandeyz said...

I read your blog madameji!!

Did not know about this till I saw your latest post on Facebook!!

And now, am gonna crosslink it to mine... :D.



Aaarti said...

Hey Gurpreet

I read ur blog. .and quite interesting i must say~~

came over thru Don's[rajesh pandey ji] page ;)

rooo said...

i readin it too!! nov 24th

Leonard Blumfeld said...

I read your blog sometimes, and I enjoy it, even though I would not use the word "pithy" to describe it. (I came to know about it through Richa's blog.)