Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Day in little Rayyi's life... !

Ok Mampi, here goes :)

Of late, I have been having this strange urge to delete this blog. I deleted my Orkut account yesterday, a week before that I deleted my Ryze account...I can't put a finger on what's happening here except that it could well be the hormones ! But this post wasn't meant to be about my pituitary gland - it about little Rayyan and his little play school. Every once a year they invite you to spend a day in class. I've done the number 4 times with Ruhi and once with Rayyan last year and its something that I've enjoyed immensely. One of my hidden ambitions is to be kindergarten teacher !

I had been traveling most of last week and the weekend is a circus anyway so Monday morning after packing off the babies to school I toyed with the idea of calling up the school and calling it off ! I'd be damned if I went to school with unwashed hair and I wanted nothing better than a quiet morning to myself ! My husband gave me that look which I know means 'always a raw deal for rayyan, innit !' Its true, I drive myself harder for Ruhi and I got guilt.

In the shower the the teacher called "Mrs Wasi, where are you ?" " Please be in time for assembly, Rayyan will sing a song".

I knew he would collapse at the sight of me, it still doesn't work - he has still not found his feet, though I know he is trying. I reached just after the assembly and they told me that he had sung his song. I was glad to be late!

He was sitting with his back towards me in a semi circle of tiny people. As I stepped in the teacher asked them " do you know whose mummy is here today?" Everyone looked back except for him and a squeaky voice elsewhere said "Rayyan Wasi". He turned back slightly and gave me a self conscious smile. I expected him to break into tears and run towards me. Instead he turned back his head slowly and kept sitting on his chair. The teacher was talking about " John Brown's Farm'. He looked at me a couple of times again but he was fine, though quieter than most. I was relieved ! We were getting there !

Teacher : Rayyani (she calls him that!), whats a Dog's baby called ?
Rayyan : Goofy
Teacher : No Rayyan, its called a Pup ! Whats a Cat's baby called ?
Rayyan : Ganga

The teacher moved on to the next kid. Perhaps it was embarrassing for her as it was for me. His cousin has a puppy dog and of course he knows what puppies are so why would he say 'Goofy' !!! He could have said "chchotta Kutta' or something for God's sake ! And 'Ganga' ? A kitten is called 'Ganga' ??? I thought the sight of me had made him delirious. Sometimes he talks nonsense just for effect. I scowled at him and made a funny face, so while the other kids discussed farm animals - he stood alone at the door in defiance and stared back at them.

The next was the dance and music class where he chose to sulk. He sat with his head in my lap while the rest had fun. The teacher thought that he was extra clingy because I had not been at home most of the week. But in the pottery class he abandoned me. He loves the clay, just like me. He rolled clay balls while I chatted up the pottery teacher. I chew his brains each time I spot him and this time I wanted to know the 'desi' way to fire the clay. I know its done with cow-dung cakes and all and the guy never seriously believes that I've got serious interest in doing the dirty stuff. He was patiently indulgent with me as usual. I've got to figure how to get cow-dung cakes now.

Hands washed, susu done, the kids sit down for tiffin. Rayyan ate the ketchup in his tiffin box, first with a spoon and then with his fingers. Back home, MIL announced in that sarcastic style only mother in laws can speak in " today his mother must have fed him tiffin, everything has come right back". Yeah right.

The next class, Rayyi sulked again - it was the free play session but he wanted to play football. He was forgiven the tantrum again since the 'mother had been away so long'. Thank God for that since even if I had not been away, he would still have chosen a football over every other temptation on earth. In the library class, his friends wanted me to read out the books to them, but not him. Until finally jealousy got the better of him.

I was happy to see he had made a few pals, though they were friendlier towards him than he was towards them. The only exception was this taller little girl with red rimmed glasses, Alisha who he smiled at often and who he brought to me to get a picture clicked !

On the way back home, I asked Rayyan whats the baby of a Dog called ? He again said "goofy" and that a Cat's baby was "Ganga" because Kirti didi (the maid) had told him the story of a pup called Goofy and a kitten called Ganga. 

LOL. I am not going to forget this in a hurry ! Raw deal or not, I love you Rayyan Wasi.


Mampi said...

This was so cute.
But Where is the text, While I like to see the pictures and enjoy them, I like to read you more than anything else.

~nm said...

He sounds so so adorable lil boy!

Is it just the boys who act like't laugh. I said so because Anirudh does the same! He won't do this when they spot their mumma's in school?

And how is our Ruhi doing?

sansmerci said...

:D as always moving! jus tht this time its bout rayyan :)

Inexplicably said...

Hi nm! Ruhi is doing well. Delicate, reserved and self conscious with strangers. Not the average outgoing north Indian kid ! :((((

Balvinder Singh said...

Cho Chweet,

And Gurpreet, don't please think of deleting this blog of yours. (get rid of that "Kemikal Kaa Lochaa"):-)). I don't want to loose a lovely blog from my blogroll. I don't know where else you write but this is one medium where we can "make sense of you" (quoting from your profile only):-)) And let me compliment you on your flair of writing. So please continue with your pen ...oops keyboard.

Solitaire said...

Goofy and Ganga!!!

Hahaha..I burst out laughing! He is a cute kid!

MultiMenon said...

thats is sooo cute...Ur blog rocks,so does ur baby and so do u.... :)

phoenixritu said...

Hahahahaha :D attaboy! That is one kid at his ornery best. He is original - let him be. He will fit in when he's ready.

BTW, keep the blog going. Its good therapy. Dont get harmonal about it

Preethi said...

that was so adorable.. goofy and ganga!! and what a lovely pic!!

roop said...

rofl!1! can't wait to meet 'em.

plus Mampi's too demanding. dont listen to 'er. :)) and dont u DARE deleting this blog!

Balvinder Singh said...

Gurpreet, i have left a Tag for you on my blog. Please pick that up.



lukkydivz said...

its no surprise that ur posts are always a pleasure to read! what can be more pleasing than children ;)

i love ur kids:-*

Mampi said...

Hadd hai ji hadd hai,

One, I was the force behind the post and no one told me that it had been updated with my name as the word number two on the post. You could hve dropped a comment on my blog to go read this edited post of yours.

Two, you wont delete it. We love you, your blog, your kids, your struggle, your dog (do you have one?). So you wont delete it. Period.

Three, And this is directed towards Roop. Did you just tell GP not to listen to me? As if you dont???

GP. This was a great account of a great day. Thanks.

tulips said...

hey true..u hv a flair for writing..first time to ur blog n knew this wen i read ur intro. amazing dont u dare delete it:)

Z said...

Please don't delete your blog, I only just got here!

I think that the link between school life and home life can be quite difficult for children to come to terms with. I remember as a child not wanting my parents to speak to my teachers or come into school - though most children loved to show their mums their work and their classroom. I know where Rayyi is coming from!

the mad momma said...

ah - dont worry about it - the OA went on the day it was the brat's turn. and he says our son was an embarrassment. went nuts, refused to say his concert lines... everything. even the teacher was glad when the OA left!

Anamika said...

I admit being jobless at this moment but just wanted to delurk and let you know that I reread this post when I happened to stop by today and re-laughed at the 'Ganga' part.
I like the way your wit shines through when you write.