Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sorry for 1984.

Rahul Gandhi said 'Sorry' for 1984. 

Thanks, it helps.

24 years have gone by and I am no longer the same person. I am cynical, hardened, wiser, indifferent. But I still shed a tear over the newspaper. The memory of that year will never go away.


Rajindarjit said...

The year 1984 is a scar on the pages of history.

Who experienced it on their ownself, can not forget it for the remaining years they will live .
Thanks for sharing.


Mampi said...

And The Tribune from Chandigarh published a picture of his smiling face along with this 'sorry.'

Balvinder Singh said...

This reminds me of a couplet by some poet:-

"Yeh waqt bhee dekhaa hai
Tareekh kee ghadiyoon ne
Lamhon ne khataa kee thee
Sadiyon ne sazaa payee".

A vote hungary young politician saying sorry, may bring back temporarily the smiles on the faces of widows and orphans, but it won't undo their sufferings who lost their kith and kin.

Last year even Dr. Manmohan Singh had also said sorry and the irony is that he himself could have been a victim of the violence at that time unleashed by the party which he is heading today.

How do we know said...

i soo agree.. Rahul Gandhi wants to apologise? He should start by actually speeding up the trials. he could also start by making sure that Sajjan kumar and Tytler do not get COngress tickets. He could start by letting Sikhs into the personal bodyguards of VIPs again.

Apologise MY HOLY FOOT.

And i do not add Singh after Manmohan.

the mad momma said...

big hug. I'm sorry - but a sorry as a response to genocide just doesnt cut it. i know that a sorry in response to the genocide in orissa, will not help. it doesnt even begin to help...