Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ruhi on her 9th birthday ....

November 13, 2010
9 years of magic unfolds...

In just a year, you are quite as tall as me
You know too many things -
Those that you should learn much later
Those that I even do not speak.

This year, your favorite colour is 'Mauve',
Last year it was Pink !
You scoff at kiddish stuff and all,
But I know you secretly love your dolls.

You can fix a sandwich,
roll a 'roti' and make me tea !
You can act like a grandmother,
bully your baby brother
and shout the house down.
Though sometimes you are so soft spoken,
you are not seen or heard or heeded
something I always worry about.

A strong girl, you know to hide your tears.
You are quiet and shy.
Specially, when unkind children make light of
all the things that you so genuinely do believe
then, I have seen you wilt and cry.

You know the clothes you want to wear,
love high heels and lipstick.
Your pry on my things,
You want to know it all...
You own me like I belong to you;
But guard your own little secrets.

To the world's most beautiful girl - Happy birthday !!


Anonymous said...

Most beautiful ode!

P.S: Love reading you blog!

Anonymous said...

write something .... !!!! :-(

Inexplicably said...

Inspire me ! who are you ?

Ekta said...

Hi, I've landed here after months.....& no new post :(

Anonymous said...

c'mon when would you when she'll celebrate her next birthday ... :-(((((