Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Deja Vu

After a long hiatus, someone posted a comment on a really old post of mine, and I am back to my haunted corner !


So, I thought I had 'come out' last christmas, but that was not to be.

Christmas passed in the regular hum drum, late evening, out of sheer routine I pulled the potted pine tree into the balcony and put some fairy lights on it. Just makes me happy more than anything else. There wasn't a word uttered by the kids and I thought, finally, we were sorted.

Next morning, I woke up with a teary Ruhi peering over my face with eyes as big as saucers, looking so so so sad. I noticed she was clutching a pair of stockings in one hand. I held out my arms to her and she burst into sobs. I cradled her in my arms, at eleven she is nearly as tall as me. It broke my heart......she had hung the stockings near her bed...she said even if Mama was Santa, she was sure there would be surprise for her in the stockings. It killed me even more...I had messed up really really bad.

All the commotion woke up Rayyan, startled he sat up on the bed and then in a tearing hurry pulled his pillow away and in his typical practical way, said " Santa didn't take away my letter Mama ?"

In his neatly written handwriting he had listed a PSP, a toy car and 'something to eat'.


Balvinder Singh said...

Welcome Back.

Inexplicably said...

Glad to be back...and thanks for visiting :)

Balvinder Singh said...
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