Monday, April 14, 2008

God of all 'News'

6:00 PM this evening, Ruhi lights a couple my favorite aurobindo sandalwood incense sticks, keeps the tiny Ganpati incense holder on the dressing table, solemnly folds her hands and shuts eyes tightly after checking her pose in the mirror. I fondly tap her on the head and ask : What are you doing ?

Ruhi looks very pleased with herself and is trying to better her 'namaste' pose in the mirror. She says : Praying to God.

I am curious to know who she prays to. I recall my praying to Jesus Christ in the Gurudwara as a 6 year old. The after effect of attending a Catholic school ! But here is a child with an array of religious messages and choices ! I chose not to ask. I know she is managing well and seems to naturally understand the concept of one supreme power and many ways to communicate with it. In her simple 6 year old way, she talks about it often. So I ask instead " What did you pray for ?"

She says : "I asked God to finish all the News ! "

" ...Because News is bad. People do bad things and die in the News. I don't like the News at all".

I hadn't thought about what a horrible world it would seem to a child who hears messages about accidents, murder, car snatching, kidnapping and the like. Even while we think she is playing boo boo with her baby brother and not listening to us discussing the newspaper. Even when I think I am careful about blocking sordid messages on TV or the real world. Sometimes there is no escape.


Leonard Blumfeld said...

It's hard to believe sometimes how closely children listen and what sensible conclusions they draw. A beautiful, very real story.

the mad momma said...

sigh. we're heading that way !