Friday, May 16, 2008

Wannabe !

I am embarrassed to put up my 'Wanna do ' list here ! But I am doing it anyway !

Embarrassed,  firstly because I didn't want to admit that I don't know how to swim and secondly the fact that amongst the top ten things that I want to do ASAP is buy a bag that I don't need since I don't keep the company where my bag really matters. Its so a 'wannabe' thing. 
But I decided long ago to be excruciatingly honest on my blog or to not write at all ! And write this list I must because I can't still believe that I bought my Jeep a month ago ! I've so so much wanted to drive my own jeep for so many years now !
Its one thing off my list and I didn't imagine it would be the very first since it cost more than the bag that I want and the US trip and swimming classes and the tattoo and the hair cut and the potter's wheel and the gym membership put together ! 
So I have hope that I will live (not just buy, rent, pay house loan till in the grave) in that humble house of my dreams !
And I know, that if I write it down here, it won't be easy to forget it in a hurry !

So here goes :

1. Learn to swim
2.Own a Jeep 
3. Live in a house with a just-for-me private bathroom with an ordinary bathtub, a very fancy modern kitchen with all the gizmos in the world, bay windows in the rooms, white curtains and a small terrace balcony from where one can watch the stars at night. No light-bulbs, no TV, no mobile phones. Only internet ! lol
4. Get a potter's wheel & small studio of my own in that patch of land that my husband owns in the wilderness near Delhi
5. Take the Kids to Disneyland before they grow up
6. Learn to play a musical instrument
7. Get a 'khanda' Tattooed on my wrist
8. Teach in a School
9. Buy a LV Bag :(
10. Start Gymning
11. Get Ruhi to dance...
12. A gold chain anklet for one ankle !
13. Start sketching again & start Painting 
14. Buy a Nikon SLR & pursue serious photography

I have edited this list to add more things as I go along ! Its a never ending game isn't it ! 

I have the state of mind to compile the above,  when around me, an earthquake has killed more than 50,000 people in China. A lot of them small Kids. And 9 cycle bombs have killed 63 people closer home in Jaipur. 

Quite out of context, in reference to Michel Houellebecq I told a friend this afternoon that I am an eternal optimist. My friend said I was lucky.


Rashikaps said...

This is crazy! From the moment I first drove a Maruti Gypsy a few years back I wanted one. Revised that to Honda SUV a few years back..

I only have white and cream curtains in my house contrasted with colored cushions etc.. Since I didn't tell you this before I can't call you a copy cat!

the mad momma said...

hey - whats wrong with an LV bag. not that i have or want one. my wants are simple. i want the hermes birkin.

and you and me both honey.. i want a house with a bathtub too!!!

deepika said...

whats this with sardarnis and jeeps?? ... i so understand that one 'wanna'!! and good for you ... you got it ... :).

am dangerous behind the wheel. like lightening, you see ... hit trees. last time ... i hit a police barricade. since then ... decided to take a break !!

and that potter's wheel and a studio ... ah! bliss!

Inexplicably said...

he he Deepika ! I guess its that same thing about being told to be 'shernis' as kids!!! I remember the last time I mentioned it, someone wrote a long post about how none of the 'brave' warrior women in India were ever from the Punjab ! Rani Laxmi Bai, Phoolan al ! I was so amused since its actually all in the mind and though as a community punjabi men may be the biggest MCPs with exceptions of course ( forgiveness men!), the wimmin always do behave like studs ! Power to us. A few more police barricades to you !!!! :)