Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers' Day !

May 11, 2008 : 7.45 PM inside PVR Saket, just settled in my seat after dragging a bawling Rayyan along with his dirty blue blanket (it goes everywhere), omelette & biscuits, water bottle (which I always have to sneak inside since they don't allow it), Ruhi and Kirti inside the auditorium to watch a movie called 'Bhootnath'.

Its the first day of my children's school vacation and though I despise the thought of watching a three hour long movie about a bollywood Ghost, I make them seated and fetch two large buckets of popcorn & Juice, trying not to leave a trail of popcorn as I walk down the aisle to my corner seat.

Rayyan & Kirti are sharing a bucket and I am sharing popcorn with Ruhi and the movie has already started. I love popcorn more than any food on earth. Only Ruhi can make me not dig my face into that large PVR popcorn bucket and keep my chin stuck in it till its physically impossible to eat directly with my mouth.

So I do the next best thing - I take fistfuls of popcorn from her at regular short intervals and stuff my mouth with my fist. Its like, I hold my fist full of popcorn to my mouth and munch off each flake till it has all disappeared in my mouth. PVR popcorn tastes like heaven and I am lost in my popcorn bliss till I feel Ruhi nudging me frantically.

She has a disgusted look on her face : " STOP EATING LIKE A MONKEY!"

I immediately withdraw the fist from my mouth and start feeling like a 5 year old caught misbehaving : " Awwww...I' am sorry Ruhi..."

Ruhi : "Oh God, and you are dropping it too !"

Me : "Shucks, really sorry poppet..."

I transfer the leftover popcorn to my left hand and pick up just one and silently put it in my mouth. She is back to watching the movie again.

I look at the dainty little proper miss from the corner of my eye and tell myself : Happy mothers day !


~nm said...

Hahaha!! That was really funny! Even I have my son pulling me back to the lines by saying "Koi aise karta hai?" And I sheepishly say "sowwee". The roles keep changing..don't they? :D

bombaygirl said...

Love it. I'm waiting for the day my kids do that to me. Because retribution is coming. I just know it...for all the times I said similar stuff to MY parents!

the mad momma said...

:D did u enjoy the movie? holidays are endless arent they? bring rayyan over.

Mampi said...

Hahahaaha, thats exactly how I celebrated Mothers Day. So we were sitting in different cities (Probably) and watching same movie in a PVR. By God, I enjoy the popcorns just like you, only the chin is saved from going into the bucket.
It was one hell of a great read. The best thing was Ruhi giving the 'Monkey' remark.