Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sentimental Little Fool !

Ruhi goes to a 'new' school that just started this year. Its a beautiful school and though its an hour's school-bus drive away from home, everything else about it makes up for that extra distance. At least for now. 
They do not have an auditorium yet and they make do with a large open space for a special assembly each week till their fancy audi gets the final touches. Since the Kids have been with them a couple of months now, they are having each class to host the special assembly for the parents each week. Last Wednesday was the turn of Ruhi's class. I was excited as hell and had been anxiously waiting for the day and I planned meticulously to leave home well in advance to account for every traffic eventuality. 
Office time in the morning, the traffic is a bitch and the BRT is well....I don't need to swear, anyone who lives in South Delhi already know what I mean. I insisted on driving since I didn't trust the driver or the husband enough to get to school just as my precious darling begins what she had told me was a big 'surprise' for me. We were moving at a snail's pace but I had accounted for this delay...but half an hour later, I knew it was impossible to make it before the assembly. As the traffic became more stubborn I wouldn't as much glance at the watch. I couldn't hear a word of the conversation my husband was having with me. My heart felt like a log and I wondered what it is that makes me so silly, so weak. Why is it that my husband who loves our daughter as much as I do,if not more, is so matter of fact about these things? Am I strange ?

We reached school half an hour late for the hour long special assembly. I drove past the screaming guards at the school gate, right into the porch, abandoned the car and my husband to pacify the guards and ran my fastest race to the assembly. There was a row of children up there with tall masks covering their faces, taking the final bow just as I reached. I spotted the Pink shirt that I bought for her just a day before and I quietly stood at the back fighting my tears and taking pictures till the masks went off and she noticed me. 

Her face lit up like sunshine. I pretended as if I had been standing there forever. She was with her class, following the teacher's instructions to walk in a file, stand straight, sing the national anthem and all through her eyes were fixed on me with that silly sheepish smile. 

I got to speak to her for a few minutes before the children ran away to their classroom. She told me she had been crying under her mask since she had thought I was not going to come at all. And that like an idiot she had not seen me standing at the back. 

I told her she was a sentimental little fool.

Yeah !


~nm said...

I love the smile and happiness on her face and also the body paint!!

And she resembles you so much!

Inexplicably said...

Thank you 'nm' for being there to share my happiness and my tears - always ! :)

Balvinder Singh said...

Like mother, like daughter i must say. And such a cute family. May your tribe increase.



Anonymous said...

Aww, that's too bad. But thank God you haven't been inundated with parents that insist on videotaping their child's every waking moment - although in this case I wish there *was* someone videotaping - then you could have watched it later.

Ruhi looks cute. Both your kids look cute. :)


AP said...

Thank god you made it there when you did! Or else she would have been crushed! She looks so happy!

the mad momma said...

she's a sweetheart... and damn.. the school is far. giving me heartburn already.

Diligent Candy said...

Gurpreet I got it ....I got the TATTOO ...three stars on my shoulder...pic on my blog :)
a big thanks to you