Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just like that.

My husband has the quality of making the most mundane of incidents sound filmy. A few days ago he said : "I have news to share with you that will gobsmack you" ( my words to translate whatever it was that he said).

My pulse fell. I hate surprises. In my life surprises are never pleasant, not till now.

I barked back "NOW WHAT?".

He smiles dramatically, modulating his voice, said " Ruhi is in love". And he almost giggled. I told him he was so absurd and that he needed to seriously grow up before the kids do and I walked off.

He persisted, and offered more details " his name is Raj - she is wearing a bracelet that he gifted her, the maid told me ".

Ruhi was fast asleep and I wriggled her right wrist from under herself to find an oversized plasticky band with shiny multicolored rectangles. I let it be, must have been some innocent thing that had been misconstrued by the maid who it seems has been brought up on a strict diet of cheesy hindi movies.

The next morning Ruhi woke up chirping about an elaborate dream about pink beaked birds and elephants and a tiger who slouches while shaking his bum and pointing his curved finger at her friend Ashna. She slouched on the bed shaking her pointy little bum and explaining the tiger's gestures with her finger. I watched with familiar fascination, marveling at the beauty of the world she sleeps in. Then I pointed at the band and asked "what's that Roo?"

She smiled "friendship band. Raj gave it to me. You know mama he specially bought it for me with REAL money". I tried not to scowl at her and asked " Who is Raj ?"

"Arre, my best friend in school. I love him mama, he kissed me on my cheek in the nap time" ( the kids take a half hour nap in school).

I wasn't liking the thought. What do six year olds know about kissing ? I tried to sound indifferent so that she doesn't feel it was some big deal "Did you tell Namrita Ma'm ?".

Ruhi was getting impatient now " Why ? He didn't kiss on the lips ?". I almost chocked on my toothbrush. I must say I am completely unprepared for this conversation so early in our relationship. For God's sake she is still a baby.

I decide to leave it at that for the moment. She goes on "you know Ma, he gave me the band so that when we grow old and if we get lost, he can find me"!

Hmmmm... straight out of Karan Johar movies. Her father's daughter for sure.

Yesterday, the grotesque thing was missing from her tiny wrist. When I asked her she said she had put it back in that kid's pocket.


"Just like that".


Mampi said...

Hahaha, they grow up so fast, they outgrow these things in days actually. Very marvellously put. Was missing your post for long.

Priya in Suburbia said...

Aww, Can totally relate about the kissing on the lips part - I have a daughter too.

Although from experience, I'd have to say that the more the big deal is about something, the more kids tend to gravitate toward it. Makes them feel like they've achieved something I suppose.
Brace yourself Gurpreet, this is just the beginning. :)


~nm said...

Well with my son I can expect him to kiss on the lips too. Coz I get atleast 3-4 kisses on mu lips every day! And more if he is in the extremely cuddly mode :D

But seriously! Its amazing! Did you read about the girlfriend post I wrote about Anirudh? If not read it here

Sarthak Taneja said...

Just stumbled upon your blog, Nice posts! :) I am not married yet, but hopefuly will get to know what to expect...

Balvinder Singh said...

Love is love after all, in whatsoever form or howsoever momentary it may be. I still remember my first crush when i was in primary school. The object of my love was not any class mate but our class teacher. One day when we were asked to sing songs, I sang "Ehsaan tera hoga mujh par.... mujhe tumse mohabbat ho gayee hai. Mujhe palkoon ki chhaoon mein rahne do" and at the end of the session the teacher, had asked me that for whom had i sung that song. I had very innocently replied "for you ma'm" The class had burst into laughter.

Diligent Candy said...

you have been awarded by my blog...
i am really get into-this now!

sansmerci said...

awesome blog.. who wudnt fall in love with that kid.. i am already.. and even more with ur words brght tears to my eyes..esp the last post.. addin u to my blog roll .. plz keep writing more on this

rinchen said...

I got so caught up in the story... now I want to know why she removed the band!!!

Ruhi sensed your displeasure?? She outgrew the affection?? Please tell me why :P

Inexplicably said...
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Inexplicably said...

Hi Ringchen ! Beats me why she did that ! Upon asking her again and again she gave me a wise look and asked if I'd like her to get it back? I told her it was her wish. She said she would get it back since I seem to like it !! :) She hasn't though.

2 days after she returned the bracelet, under the usual pile of paper cutouts, scraps, dried leaves and flowers in her bag I found a folded bit of thick paper. It had a cute drawing of a little girl in a ninja pose ! Could be a dance pose. The girl had long black hair. I stared in fascination. She peeped across my shoulder and said " Raj drew it. That's my picture" ! So the story progresseth !

rinchen said...

Aww... such a wise girl! Hehehe...

I'd like to hear about the story as it progresses :P

Mystic Margarita said...

Things a mom has to contend with! :)