Monday, August 02, 2010

Old age plans !

"Rayyan will you take care of me when I grow old"


"well, what will you do for me ?"

" I will buy you a computer to do the cooking and take you to the beauty parlour, and I..."

At this point Ruhi cut him abruptly, sounding very cross " No Rayyan I will take care of Mama. I will come to meet her and do makeup for her "

I am half amused half shocked ! While they squabble I wonder what I had been doing to make them both believe that all the care that I would ever need would be beauty care. And a computer that cooks ?! I wish Ruhi had let him finish.


Spirited seeker said...

Haha, good to hear your babies talk. Computer that cooks... don't we wish :-)

Trojan said...

Haa it Awesomeness....but the truth can slip a bit here and a bit there, you know that right girlie? lol