Thursday, March 27, 2008

This morning !

Was reading a while ago about Poppin and I smiled to myself about my own morning today ! I was intently reading Mail Today with a stark naked Carla Bruni picture in it. Ruhi was busy making caricatures in her sketch book when suddenly, without a warning she jumped and came over to my side of the bed and started rubbing white crayon over the picture like a maniac.

Me : “what’s your problem?”
Ruhi : “She is naked”
Me : ” So ? Don’t I watch you naked ?”
Ruhi : ” But I am a little girl”
Me : ” So?”
Ruhi with a Moral Police kinda look : ” Not nice to look at naked 'Badi ladki'”

Goes back to fiercely rubbing crayon over Carla Bruni.


Poppins said...

LOL came back here to comment !

1. Who teaches them these things..
2. You think they'll say the same thing in their teens?


~nm said...


I really wonder too..who teaches them all this?

My son says "Nangu - Pangu!" on seeing skimpily dressed women on TV :D

Friendly nextdoor guy said...

you intelligent pre-MATURED little girl by default. Thank god!
he he
keep writing...

crazypank said...

:) cute !!!